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Families Anonymous


Hello and welcome to a website that was constructed to give hope and encouragement to the family and friends of addicts.  All are welcome to participate and share the experiences, strengths, and hopes that we all have concerning a loved one who is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.  We are here to give ourselves to those who are new and hurting from the disease of addiction.  In Families Anonymous we study our literature with an open mind and try to go to as many meetings as possible to help ourselves understand what this disease has done to our homes and to us.

When we come into the rooms that have other family members who are hurting, we feel that we are no longer alone in this life of addiction.  We can relate and have found a support group in this struggle to regain our sanity and our serenity.  We have learned in our daily work that we cannot control or manipulate another into recovery.  We have also found out that we can only first take control of our lives and then we can love our addicts in a recovering way.  We also learn how to not enable and to love ourselves enough to learn to live a more peaceful life.

In the next few pages of information, you will learn what Families Anonymous is about.  We are here to take care of ourselves and to learn how to love an addict while letting go of what we cannot control.  The majority of the people here are parents of addicts/alcoholics, and the issues that are being talked about will be along those lines. But all are welcome and will have a voice in the meeting.  We are here to give service in the way of recovery and to help others gain a sense of strength and relief from addiction. 

So, if you're willing to take a look at yourself and then share your Experience, Strength, and Hope, sit back, relax, get a favorite beverage, and read.  We are people who have experienced what you are now ready to deal with.  We will share ourselves with all who have come to our door asking for help.  We will not judge you for being the parent or the loved one of an addict, because we all know what you are living with.  We also know that there is a time for grieving over someone with the disease of addiction.

You may not relate to all the people on this site, but you will come to love them in a special way.